Oklahoma City's Vibrant Asian Food Scene Revealed

Sharpen your chopstick skills and take a culinary tour of Oklahoma City’s lively Asian food scene including the city’s “Little Saigon” for flavorful dishes that will satisfy any palate.

Get your fill of delicious sushi at Tokyo in Oklahoma City.

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Oklahoma City’s epicenter of Asian cuisine, the Oklahoma City Asian District, was born in the mid-1970s, when thousands of Vietnamese immigrants came to Oklahoma City after the dramatic fall of Saigon. This colorful district has since blossomed into a multi-cultural district full of shops, restaurants and businesses celebrating Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Korean culture.

Located along Classen Boulevard and anchored by Super Cao Nguyen, the state’s largest Asian supermarket where visitors will find everything from fresh seafood to bubble tea at nearby Café Oasis, the Asian District is home to some of the best restaurants featuring delicious, authentic Asian cuisine from a variety of home countries. This enthusiasm for good Asian food has since radiated out through the city beyond the district’s borders, making Oklahoma City a prime destination for Asian food lovers, whether you’re craving Japanese sushi, some spicy Thai curry or a traditional Hong Kong dim sum experience.

Read on to discover some of the best Asian food in the city and explore everything these culture-heavy restaurants have to offer.


Pho Lien Hoa

If you’re on the hunt for some of the best pho in the state, try Pho Lien Hoa and sit down to a steamy bowl of this Vietnamese favorite. Pho, a flavorful beef and rice noodle soup, is customizable and there are many variations to choose from at Pho Lien Hoa. Try the Pho Tai made with eye round steak or be adventurous and order the Pho Tai Nam Gan Sach with steak, flank, tendon and tripe. If you’re looking for more than pho, Pho Lien Hoa also serves pork noodle soups as well as vermicelli and cellophane glass noodles.

Pho Cuong

Pho Cuong is a local favorite for Vietnamese cuisine and offers something for everyone. Those who are new to pho may like the Pho Be Vien with meatballs in a delicious beef broth. Longtime fans of the traditional soup will enjoy the Pho Nam Gan Sach made with well-done flank, soft tendon and tripe. Complement your pho with egg rolls, fried dumplings or an order of Vietnamese coffee. Don’t miss out on trying Pho Cuong’s bubble tea, which comes in a variety of flavors including passion fruit to coconut.


Lido is a fusion restaurant offering a blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and French foods. Their expansive menu boasts beautiful French delicacies, but their Vietnamese dishes like vermicelli bowls and rice plates steal the limelight. The lemongrass stir-fried chicken with onions and pork simmered in a clay pot is a must-try. If you like spicy concoctions, Lido’s curry beef made with coconut milk, onion and black mushrooms won’t disappoint.



The selection of sushi rolls and other Japanese cuisine at Tokyo in Oklahoma City is second to none. Begin your meal with fried shiitake mushrooms, octopus salad or soft shell crab in Ponzu dipping sauce. Their sushi bar offers nigiri, sashimi and traditional rolls including the Spicy Natto Roll made with fermented soy beans, shisho leaves, green onion and wasabi. If you can’t quite decide what to try, order the Tokyo Box served with miso soup, a house salad, steamed rice, hibachi dish and your choice of sushi.


Named after the infamous Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi, this upscale Japanese steakhouse focuses on quality and presentation. Take a seat at your table and enjoy watching delicious creations, such as the Samurai Special with shrimp and filet mignon, cooked on the grill directly in front of you. You’ll also find popular sushi rolls ranging from the Lady Love to the spider roll. Top off your experience at Musashi’s with a carafe of sake and a taste of green tea ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Sushi Neko

Consistently voted one of the best restaurants in Oklahoma City, Sushi Neko’s sushi bar is one of the best in the state. For an appetizer try their lobster miso bisque, a delicious mixture of lobster meat, wasabi cream and chive. Once you’ve warmed up your appetite, sink your fork into a tuna steak served with warm pickled vegetables or a juicy beef tenderloin in a cherry cabernet sauce. If you’re all about the sushi, their menu offers everything from sashimi eel to rolls by the “boatload.”


Grand House Asian Bistro

Grand House Asian Bistro is a go-to place for great Chinese food in Oklahoma City. You will love their mu shu platter with chicken, beef or pork and your seafood cravings don’t stand a chance against the Grand House Seafood Hot Pot. Grab a perfectly prepared cocktail from their full bar and relax while enjoying live music on Thursday and Friday nights. Grand House also offers traditional dim sum service, where diners choose dishes from rotating carts, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Szechuan Bistro

Experts in Szechuan-style Chinese food, the Chen family has created one of the most beloved Asian food restaurants in Oklahoma City. Featuring two separate menus catering to traditional and Americanized palates, Szechuan Bistro offers delicious menu items including smoked duck, potstickers, spicy pork ribs and more. Opt for the General Tso’s chicken served on a bed of hot fried rice and an order of egg rolls for Chinese favorites done exceptionally well. For those looking for a truly authentic experience, their traditional Chinese menu includes hot pots, whole fried snapper and other critically acclaimed dishes.

Golden Palace

It’s hard to beat a fresh, all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, especially one as good as Golden Palace. Their myriad of options includes everything from moo goo gai pan to garlic-fried chicken. Bring your appetite and help yourself to a heaping plate of lo mein noodles topped with sesame chicken and a side of crab rangoons. Take advantage of the restaurant’s Mongolian barbecue station for a custom-made meal and top everything off with a trip to the dessert bar at this popular lunch and dinner spot.


Sala Thai

Often called the best Thai food in Oklahoma City, Sala Thai serves unique, flavorful dishes in a classy and comfortable atmosphere. Begin your meal here with an order of scrumptious Thai dumplings made with minced chicken and vegetables or some fresh spring rolls. Their entree options range from Pnang curry chicken to pad Thai shrimp. Be sure to sample their mango sticky rice or tod mun pla, a savory fried Thai fish cake served with spicy cucumber and peanut, for something a little different.

Moon Thai

One of Oklahoma City’s best kept secrets, Moon Thai’s regulars rave about their green curry, pad Thai and massaman curry. Situated on 23rd Street near the Asian District, this restaurant is a favorite among locals. Don’t miss out on the papaya salad, crispy duck, tofu dishes, crispy squid and spring rolls served with dipping sauce. Wash everything down with a Thai tea with cream. Its sweet flavors combine the creaminess of a café latte and the bitterness of a strong black tea.

Thai Kitchen

Located in downtown Oklahoma City, Thai Kitchen’s outward appearance may seem underwhelming but the aromas of curries and spices wafting through the door promise delicious flavors that attract large crowds of locals. Their lunch buffet offers the opportunity to try many dishes including their famous fried spring rolls, glass noodles and red curry made with bell pepper, pineapple and Thai basil in coconut milk. Consistently garnering rave reviews, Thai Kitchen also offers a full dinner menu that features options like Thai salads and stir fry.

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