Explore Oklahoma City's Vibrant Asian District

Travel half-way across the world without ever leaving Oklahoma City by embarking on a culinary tour of the city’s lively Asian District – showcasing authentic, flavorful dishes and a unique history around every twist and turn.

Gather a group of friends or family for dim sum and watch as steaming carts of small plates like shumai, soup dumplings, barbecue pork bao buns and tarts are paraded throughout Golden Phoenix’s dining area.
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Sprawling along Oklahoma City’s Classen Boulevard and surrounding areas is the Oklahoma City Asian District, the metro’s epicenter of Asian cuisine highlighting Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Japanese cultures. This lively neighborhood was formed in the mid-1970s, when thousands of Vietnamese immigrants came to Oklahoma City after the Fall of Saigon. As the district grew to encompass other Asian cultures, the area originally deemed “Little Saigon” was simply renamed “The Asian District.” Now, this diverse haven in the heart of Oklahoma City strives to educate, celebrate and commemorate all Asian cultures through authentic cuisine and cultural events like the annual Asian Night Market Festival and Lunar New Year Celebration.

Anchoring the district is Super Cao Nguyen, the state’s largest Asian supermarket. Visitors can find everything from fresh seafood and steamed Bao buns to international spices, hard-to-find delicacies and specialty cookware. After loading up your shopping cart, enjoy a cup of boba tea next door at Café Oasis before venturing out to discover what other culinary experiences the Asian District has to offer.


Pho Lien Hoa

If you’re on the hunt for some of the best pho in the state, sit down to a steamy bowl of this Vietnamese staple at Pho Lien Hoa. Even writers from Thrillist and the New York Times have savored this local hearty dish of beef and rice noodle soup. Pho Lien Hoa serves many variations – try the Pho Tai made with eye round steak or be adventurous and order the Pho Tai Nam Gan Sach with steak, flank, tendon and tripe. Other noodle dishes served include glass noodles (Hu Tieu), egg noodles (Mi), vermicelli (Bun) and udon noodles (Bahn canh).

Pho Cuong

Feast like the locals and head to Pho Cuong’s little teal building for a no-frills Vietnamese dining experience. First-timers may like Pho Bo Vien – meatballs in delicious beef broth – while seasoned fans will enjoy Pho Nam Gan Sach, filled with well-done flank, soft tendon and tripe. Complement your pho with ground pork egg rolls (Cha Gio), chicken and vegetable dumplings (Sui Cao) or deep-fried breaded squid rings (Muc Chien Bot). Don’t miss out on trying Pho Cuong’s bubble tea, which comes in various flavors like passion fruit, coconut, lychee and taro.


For a homestyle restaurant offering a touch of Vietnamese, Chinese and French fusion, stop by Lido next to Super Cao Nguyen and Military Park. Their expansive menu boasts beautiful French specialties, but their Vietnamese dishes like vermicelli bowls and rice plates steal the limelight. The lemongrass stir-fried chicken with onions and pork simmered in a clay pot is a must-try. If you like spicy concoctions, Lido’s curry beef made with coconut milk, onion, black mushrooms and vermicelli won’t disappoint.

Lang's Bakery

Locals also swear by Lang’s Bakery, a hidden gem serving inexpensive, traditional Banh Mis and Vietnamese desserts in the Asian District. This mom-and-pop shop is as authentic as it gets – choose from various Banh Mi styles or branch out with a Bahn Tam Bi – shredded pork and skin over thick white noodles and topped with coconut milk. Don’t leave without treating yourself to a classic moon cake, Vietnamese-style flan or an iced cup of Vietnamese coffee.

VII Asian Bistro

Enjoy an expansive menu inspired by Vietnamese heritage, Chinese influences and a modern flair during a trip to VII Asian Bistro. While Conde Naste Traveler praises the pho, diners can order everything from from Lo Mein and Dan Dan Noodles to seafood, rice platters and other Vietnamese-style noodle dishes. VII Asian Bistro additionally offers lunch specials like Ma Po Tofu, Kung Pao Chicken and Shanghai Shrimp paired with Miso soup and your choice of white, brown or fried rice.

Lee's Sandwiches

One of the more well-known Asian chains throughout California yet boasting one unique location in Oklahoma City’s Asian District is Lee’s Sandwiches, offering impeccable Vietnamese iced coffees, traditional Banh Mi and plenty of ready-to-eat options. While this large establishment has a dining area, many appreciate the come-and-go atmosphere and convenience of an on-site drive-thru. You may even notice a European flair during your experience, with euro-sandwiches, macarons and beignets sprinkled throughout Lee’s menu.

Quoc Bao Bakery

For a quaint, homey experience, start your day with breakfast delights at Quoc Bao Bakery. Singlehandedly operated by Mr. Bao, each donut and pastry item are handmade to perfection with delicate care. Arrive early, as the double-wrapped, extra crispy egg rolls are extremely popular and sell out quickly.


Grand House Asian Bistro

Grand House Asian Bistro is the go-to place for great Chinese food in Oklahoma City. No matter the time of day, you’re sure to love their mu shu platter with chicken, beef or pork and your seafood cravings don’t stand a chance against the Grand House seafood hot pot. Sushi-lovers take note – Grand House offers half-price sushi happy hour with over 40 rolls to choose from during the week. If you’re searching for fun weekend plans, enjoy a perfectly prepared cocktail from the full bar and live music on Thursday and Friday nights, or experience a traditional dim sum service on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Fung's Kitchen

If you prefer a modern interpretation of classic Chinese dishes, Fung’s Kitchen is your best bet. Using high quality ingredients, Fung’s recreates favorites like chow mein, deep fried oyster and squid, crab rangoon and egg drop soup. Diners who are lucky and visit during the proper season may even get treat their tastebuds to a Hong Kong live whole lobster – flown in fresh, flash fried in hot oil for a crispy sear and finally stir-fried with minced pork, black beans, jalapenos and dried scallops. For year-round adventurous eaters, don’t skimp on the chef’s special fried duck tongue.

Golden Phoenix

Another dim sum experience in the area can be found at Golden Phoenix, a recently remodeled, locally-owned Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant with an atmosphere perfect for any occasion. Similar to the Spanish concept of tapas, gather a group of friends or family around brunch-time and watch as steaming carts of small plates like shumai, soup dumplings, barbecue pork bao buns and tarts are paraded throughout Golden Phoenix’s dining area. Once you’ve made your selections and the waiter has marked them off on the table’s bill, get ready to dig into a family-style meal like no other.

If you’re dining at Golden Phoenix outside of dim sum hours, try specialties like roasted Peking duck, crispy pork and seafood delicacies such as abalone, shark fin, sea cucumber and fish maw soup. Other unique menu finds include clay pot dishes, broken rice plates or congee – a savory Chinese rice porridge resembling risotto. For an extra treat, peek into Chinatown Supermarket, a smaller Asian grocery connected to Golden Phoenix.

Hot Pot Heroes

Bring a group of friends and commune around Hot Pot Heroes’ steaming burner for a uniquely Eastern hemisphere experience. Originating in China, hot pot is a method where diners choose from list of raw vegetables, meats, seafood, broths and sauces, provided cooking utensils, then take turns cooking each ingredient on the table’s simmering pot.

At this local adaptation, start by choosing your soup base – ranging from spicy Szechuan beef tallow and Korean kimchi to sweet Cantonese coconut chicken or vegetarian mushroom broth. Once the broth is heated, add in everything from teriyaki-marinated sirloin beef, pork loin and quail eggs to shrimp, mushrooms and noodles and let it stew to your preferred texture. Don’t be afraid to ask for your server’s help as you decide which ingredients and sauces are best for your dipping desires. This social meal is meant to be leisurely enjoyed, so take your time and don’t forget to share.

Szechuan Story

Satisfy any soup dumpling cravings at Szechuan Story, owned by a local Chinese couple and implementing elements of Taiwanese cuisine. Visitors love the beef noodle soups and spicier Szechuan offerings, yet this local joint serves a wide variety of choices from pork wontons in chili oil and cold noodle dishes to whole tilapias, ginger and scallion squid, and Chinese sour pickle fish fillet.


Sala Thai

Often called the best Thai food in Oklahoma City, Sala Thai serves unique, flavorful dishes in a classy and comfortable atmosphere. Begin your meal here with fresh spring rolls or an order of scrumptious Thai dumplings made with minced chicken and vegetables. Entree options range from Panang curry chicken to Pad Thai with various choices of proteins. Be sure to sample their mango sticky rice or try the tod mun pla for something different – a savory fried Thai fish cake served with spicy cucumber and peanuts.

Moon Thai

Situated on 23rd Street around the corner from the Asian District is Moon Thai, a favorite among locals and one you won’t want to skip. Regulars rave about their green curry, Pad Thai and massaman curry, but don’t miss out on ordering the papaya salad, crispy duck and squid, tofu dishes, or spring rolls served with dipping sauce. Top your meal off with a Thai tea – a sweet drink combined with the creaminess of a café latte and the bitterness of a strong black tea.

Thai House Restaurant

Don’t overlook the comfort foods served by Thai House, housed on the outskirts of the Asian District. Alongside Thai favorites like Thai-style sweet & sour, ginger stir fry (Pad Khing) and grilled, marinated pork (Moo Kham Van), Thai House additionally offers a wide array of soups, curries, seafood platters and rice-based dishes.


Taj Cuisine of India

Taj Cuisine of India prides itself on providing an innovative approach to Indian cuisine – serving full vegetarian and vegan options alongside the typical meat-heavy dishes from North and South India. Savor a bit of everything during lunch and dinner buffets – there will be plenty of biryani, tikka masala, naan, curry, lamb and tandoori to go around.

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