Group Tours

We want to make your job a little easier. We created this section to be your personal resource center where you can access a host of valuable information in one easy-to-use location. Choose from the list below to find the information to meet your needs.

Motorcoach Information

Need a motorcoach? Let our site help you find a charter company to fill your specific needs. This section also includes Oklahoma's Receptive Tour Operators and contact information.

Itinerary Toolkits

Not sure where to go or what to see? Check out some of our themed itineraries - from Cowboy & Indian to Oil Baron or Holiday. They'll give you an idea of what attractions and activities Oklahoma has to offer your group.

Searchable Tour Planner

Our complete Tour Operator Manual is online for your convenience and ease of planning.

Escort Notes

These notes provide details on Oklahoma geography and history (both the famous and infamous!), plus lots more to ensure your successful tour of our state.

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