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How do I get a fishing license?

Those wishing to fish in Oklahoma waters must have a fishing license. Licenses are available online through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's online licensing system. Licenses also can be purchased at more than 400 license dealers around the state. These dealers include sporting goods stores, bait shops, convenience stores, large discount centers and other businesses.

Where can I find information about Oklahoma fishing regulations?

For information about Oklahoma fishing regulations, check out the Oklahoma Fishing Guide. For other more information about other regulations and procedures, visit from the Wildlife Department's Laws & Regulations page. You can also find these free magazines at most locations where fishing and hunting licenses are sold.

Where can I find information about daily and size limits in specific areas?

See the "Public Fishing Waters" section of the Oklahoma Fishing Guide, which can be downloaded here. The fishing guide can also be found at most places where hunting and fishing licenses are provided.

Where can I find a complete list of Oklahoma fish species?

Find a complete list of Oklahoma fish species on the Wildlife Department's Fishing Species page.

Where can I find fishing locations that are accessible to those with disabilities or mobility issues?

See this helpful list of accessible locations from the Oklahoma Wildlife Deparment.