Sia: The Comanche Eagle & Raptor Center

Sia: The Comanche Eagle & Raptor Center
106 Texas St
Phone: 580-464-2750
Fax: 580-464-2752

Located in the southwestern Oklahoma town of Cyril, Sia: The Comanche Eagle & Raptor Center boasts a Henry W. Pelzl Oology collection, the Burnett Comanche Collection, the Numunuh Material Culture Collection and more.

Sia, the Comanche word meaning "feather," strives to preserve eagles through cultural understanding of the eagle in history, science and spirit. The Comanche Nation Ethno-Ornithological Initiative facility, where the Sia Gallery of Eagle Art is located, offers a wide variety of historical archives, science research and educational experiences with live eagles.

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Open by appointment only.
Texas St may also be called Looking Glass Way.
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