Dirtbike & ATV Rodeo

The most recent event date has passed. Check back for updates.
Dirtbike & ATV Rodeo
Raceday Park MX
16511 McKeown Rd
Phone: 918-649-7451

At the Raceday Park MX: Dirbike/ATV Rodeo in Cameron, you'll see a round of races and events on dirtbikes and ATVs that will get your adrenaline pumping. This exciting blend of talent from a variety of different sports includes traditional rodeo events on vehicles.

There will be pole bending where riders weave in and out of poles, barrel racing, a slow race where the winner is the slowest rider to cross the finish line without touching the ground and a balloon race where the riders must grab a balloon to take back to the finish line while going around a pole.

Additional races and events include pitbike races, holeshot races, vintage races with motorcycles over twenty years old and other themed competitions. Head to Cameron for a day out on the track and take in the excitement of Raceday Park.

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Group Amenities: Bus/Motorcoach Parking
From Fort Smith, take 540 south to OK Highway 112. Follow 112 south for 11.7 miles. Track is on the left where McKeown Rd and 112 south meet.