Fantastic Fridays at Alabaster Caverns

The most recent event date has passed. Check back for updates.
Fantastic Fridays at Alabaster Caverns
Alabaster Caverns State Park
217036 SH 50A
Phone: 580-621-3381
Fax: 580-621-3572

Join the staff at Alabaster Caverns State Park for a fun, free Fantastic Friday event. These educational programs teach attendees about a variety of scientific happenings in the park like the "Furry Flying Friends" event which allows visitors to see bats in their preferred habitats and gives a chance to see how bats positively affect our day to day lives. While you're at the park, you can also take a tour of the gypsum caves and explore everything Alabaster Caverns in Freedom has to offer.

During the "S is for Snake" programs, participants will see the many ways our creepy-crawly friends make our life a little better. Bring questions and comments for the knowledgeable staff and get to know these creatures in a different way. Also, find out more about owls during the "It's a Bird; It's a Plane...No, it's an Owl" program. These nocturnal birds silently patrol the sky with super hearing and eyesight, looking for mice, reptiles and insects.

During Tour of the Alabaster Sky, participants will have the opportunity to see and identify many constellations of the spring and summer sky, find out how they were given their names and take a look through a telescope at some far-away astronomical bodies you may have only heard about. Due to the nature of this program, cancelation due to weather conditions and cloud cover is a possibility. Check with the park office for updated information.

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General Information: Free admission
Located 6 miles south of Freedom on Hwy 50, 1/2 mile east on Hwy 50A, or 20 miles north of Mooreland on Hwy 50.