The Grave of Mister Ed

The Grave of Mister Ed
13600 E 710 Rd
Phone: 918-456-3742

The grave of America's favorite talking horse, Mister Ed, is just north of Tahlequah on a farm in a peaceful field. The show ran from 1961 to 1966 on CBS and was beloved for many years afterwards. Mister Ed ended up in Oklahoma after the show ended and his Hollywood career was over. He lived on the farm he is buried on for the rest of his days until he passed away in 1979.

People now travel to see this loving tribute to him and the large stone mural that is at this grave site. It features the iconic image of Ed's head through the barn door from the show's opening titles and even makes use of the TV show's logo. The memorial was dedicated on August 26, 1990, and has been on the grounds ever since, although it has occasionally fallen over.

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General Information: Free admission
Open 24/7.
Located about five miles north of Tahlequah off Hwy 82. The grave is on Snodgrass Farm where Hwy 82 curves to the west. Turn right onto E 710 Rd. The monument is to the left of the metal shed.