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Goro Ramen + Izakaya

1634 N Blackwelder Ave
Ste 102
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Goro Ramen + Izakaya

1634 N Blackwelder Ave
Ste 102
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Sit down with an intimate group of friends as you slurp down bowls of creamy ramen noodles at Goro Ramen + Izakaya. Although the menu options may be simple, the experience for your taste buds will be anything but. Start with the choice between brussel sprouts salad, cauliflower and fried chicken wing snacks before moving on to the main course. Aside from its namesake dish, Goro Ramen also boasts soft, slightly sweet house-made steamed buns filled with pork belly, tofu or chicken, as well as a mixture of pickled veggies.

The main feature, ramen, comes in three varieties at this Plaza District restaurant in Oklahoma City. Tori Paitan contains a blend of noodles, rich chicken broth, pork belly, fried garlic, bean sprouts, bamboo, marinated eggs and green onions. Order a spicy miso bowl instead, and chow down on noodles mixed with chicken broth and roasted garlic miso, topped with vegetables and spicy pork meatballs. The Yasai bowl swaps out chicken broth for vegan broth and includes tofu, roasted tomatoes, bean sprouts, roasted mushrooms, green onions and fried shallots.

While you devour your deliciously rich noodle bowls and steamed buns, be sure to sip a chilled bottle of sake or choose a glass of wine that complements the flavors of your meal. Those who dine here can also select from an extensive list of international and local beers or stick to a few cocktail choices. Once the final course is complete, be sure to pair a kohi, or a cold canned coffee, with a plate of miso corn ice cream or poppy seed mochi cake.




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