El Rinconcito

1317 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

El Rinconcito

1317 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Taste the heritage in each authentic Guatemalan dish prepared at this mom and pop grocery and kitchen in Oklahoma City. Step inside to El Rinconcito’s counter to order and choose from a delicious variety of traditional Guatemalan entrees absolutely exploding with flavor. One of the best Guatemalan restaurants in the state, El Rinconcito's menu boasts tamales of many varieties including corn, rice, chicken and potato tamales steamed in banana leaves that give the tamales layers of flavor.

For the more adventurous diner, lengue con salsa - beef tongue smothered with a rich tomato sauce - offers a piquant trip to Guatemala for your mouth. The carne asada platter is another popular item and locals say the hearty caldo de res is a supremely satisfying soup. This flavorful bowl of stew is a must-try with a tender beef hind shank and bone marrow flavoring the broth beautifully. Garnished with slivered raw onion, lime juice, jalapenos and cilantro, you'll savor each and every drop of this delectable soup.

With warm and inviting owners and staff, El Rinconcito is a place where you can't help but feel at home. Whatever you choose at El Rinconcito, you’re in for an authentic treat at this charming little Guatemalan gem in Oklahoma City.




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