Anadarko Post Office Mural

Anadarko Post Office Mural
Anadarko Post Office
120 S 1st St
Phone: 405-247-6461

The Anadarko Post Office received its own "Kiowas Moving Camp" mural in 1936. Commissioned by Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration, local Native American artist Stephen Mopope envisioned this multi-part mural. Fellow Kiowa Six artists James Auchiah and Spencer Asah collaborated with Mopope to bring this 16-canvas-panel artwork to life.

In 2019, the U.S. Postal Service selected "Kiowas Moving Camp" as one of five murals represented in the Post Office Mural Forever Stamp series. Step inside the Anadarko Post Office during business hours to see Plains Indian life depicted in mural form.

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Located inside Anadarko Post Office.
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