Eufaula 3D Mural

115 Selmon Rd
Eufaula, OK 74432

Eufaula 3D Mural

115 Selmon Rd
Eufaula, OK 74432

Witness the magic of perspective in the heart of downtown Eufaula with a visit to this eye-catching 3D mural. Step right up to the permanent mural and use your imagination to interact within the space. Pretend to climb Standing Rock or ride in a canoe while exploring this optical illusion mural and posing for fun pictures. Even standing along the edge of the water is safe for selfie-takers at this Eufaula attraction. 

This artful oasis is a tribute to Standing Rock, a historically prominent landmark situated in the Canadian River between Cherokee and Choctaw Nations. Standing Rock was noted in 1535 by Coronado, a Spanish explorer who left etchings on the stone. Today, Standing Rock is submerged under Lake Eufaula after the Army Corp of Engineers built a dam to create the lake in 1964.

Dubbed 'The Houdini of Street Painting,' Tracy Lee Stum is a professional artist specializing in 3D street painting and optical illusion based artworks.




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