Iowa Tribe's Grey Snow Eagle House

Iowa Tribe's Grey Snow Eagle House
335567 E 0740 Rd
Phone: 405-334-7471

The Iowa Tribe's Grey Snow Eagle House, also known as Bah Kho-je Xla Chi, provides a home to both releasable and non-releasable birds. Visit the Grey Snow Eagle House to witness the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma's eagle rehabilitation program at work. The Iowa Tribe has committed to protecting injured eagles, as well as increasing community awareness of wildlife and Native American culture. Naturally molted feathers are gathered and distributed to tribal members for use in cultural ceremonies, while the tribe rehabilitates injured eagles for eventual release back into the wild.

Located in Perkins, the Iowa Tribe's Grey Snow Eagle House houses both bald and golden eagles. Visitors are able to view the eagles through windows into the flight cage and on camera using viewing screens. The facility, managed by a certified eagle rehabilitator and Iowa Tribal Elder, hosts visitors from around the world and features a flight cage and two side mews. The flight cage measures 100-ft. long, 25-ft. wide and 18-ft. in height, while the side mews, where eagles that cannot fly well are kept, are smaller.

When visitors arrive at the aviary, they must travel through a bison pasture. Keep your eyes peeled for the bison that naturally feed in this area on your way to the eagle house. The Iowa Tribe's Grey Snow Eagle House is open by appointment only, so please call ahead before you arrive.

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Open by appointment only.
From Perkins, go 2 miles south on Hwy 177, then go west on Lincoln-Payne County Rd 1/4 mile. Aviary is on south side of road.
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