Bedré Fine Chocolate

37 N Colbert Rd
Davis, OK 73030

Bedré Fine Chocolate

37 N Colbert Rd
Davis, OK 73030
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Owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation, Bedre Fine Chocolates in Davis has grown from a small chocolatier into a nationally recognized luxury chocolate brand. This American Indian company produces fine chocolate to satisfy any sweet tooth, including gourmet chocolates and gift baskets. Native Americans have seen chocolate as a gift to the world since the 1500s when the Olmecs and Toltecs introduced Europeans to a newfound delicacy. Today, Bedré and the Chickasaw Nation continue the legacy with expertly crafted Native American chocolate and natural, unique ingredients.

Visit Bedre's state-of-the-art, 34,600 square-foot manufacturing facility to see how luxurious chocolates are created. Peek through floor-to-ceiling windows to get an up-close look at how these sweets go from an idea to delicious treats. While no guided tours are offered, the manufacturing floor is visible for everyone to see. Pick up a treat to snack on while you shop and watch the factory at work. Whether you like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel-filled delights or espresso bars, you'll find it all at Bedre Fine Chocolates.





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