Marland's Grand Home

1000 E Grand Ave
Ponca City, OK 74601

Marland's Grand Home

1000 E Grand Ave
Ponca City, OK 74601
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Plan your next trip to Marland's Grand Home in Ponca City, the restored home of oil tycoon and Oklahoma's 10th Governor, E.W. Marland. Finished in 1916, this Renaissance Revival-style home was the Marland family's main residence while the Marland Mansion was being built. 

Begin your tour by viewing "new" home technology featured during Marland's time period, such as a central vacuuming system, an automatic dishwasher and the first indoor swimming pool built in Oklahoma. Continue your journey by strolling through 16,500 sq ft of restored suites and exhibits, including the American Indian Museum, the Native American patriarchal and matriarchal showrooms, the basket and pottery showroom, the 101 Ranch Museum, a Wild West showroom, an archeological area, the Marland Family Museum, Horse and Hounds Landing, Marland's Oil Office and the DAR Museum. If you're needing a quick break, relax under the renovated terrace located in the herbal garden outside. 

For an even more thrilling excursion, enjoy a historic reenactment or participate in the Grand Home's "fox hunt." You can also add on a "Seek and Find" or "Mysteries at the Museum" experience, allowing you to discover interesting facts about artifacts throughout the building. Some include well-known owners, such as the Oklahoma flag designer (Louise Fluke) and various Native American tribes (Hopi, Kaw, Pawnee, Osage, Nez Perce and Ponca). 





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