Phillips Petroleum Company Museum

410 S Keeler Ave
Bartlesville, OK 74004

Phillips Petroleum Company Museum

410 S Keeler Ave
Bartlesville, OK 74004
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Learn about the early days of oil and gas production and the people who made it a huge industry in Oklahoma and beyond at the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum in Bartlesville. Interactive exhibits in the museum detail how oil and gas resources were turned into useful products through the years. Visitors will learn about how the company was started by the Phillips brothers, was built up and thrived in the face of adversity. Then, experience the life of a Phillips Petroleum Company employee. Phillips Petroleum Company promoted employee well-being, and visitors will see the benefits they enjoyed. Witness the life of a roughneck in the Burbank field through his own eyes. 

Visitors will learn about how Phillips Petroleum Company found better ways to deliver energy to customers, as well as how energy is delivered to customers today. The history of Phillips Petroleum Company is closely related to aviation, and visitors will learn about that relationship at the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum. Tap into the history of Phillips 66 and the marketing strategy behind the name and logo, why it was effective throughout the country and why it's still so recognizable today.





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