The Healing Rock

The Healing Rock
14004 Lake Rd
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Said to have mystical curative powers, The Healing Rock in Skiatook was considered a healing site by the Osage and Quapaw Indians in the late 19th century. After archeologists examined the formation, evidence proved the rock was a natural formation and had been set in near perfect vertical alignment by natural erosion, ending speculation that the rock was man-made.

The Healing Rock stands 12 feet high, has a 17-foot base, and is 14 to 16 inches thick. It is triangular in shape with its jagged apex pointing upward to the heavens. When plans for Skiatook Lake were finalized, it became clear the rock would be covered by water. Locals campaigned to save the rock, and in 1985, the Corps of Engineers moved the rock to its present location 1/8 mile south of the project office on Skiatook Lake. An access trail built by the Corps leads from the project office to this unique natural feature.

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General Information: Free admission
Sunday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
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Located at the Skiatook Lake area. Take US 75 to Hwy 20 W through Skiatook. Go W on Hwy 20 approx 4.5 miles to Lake Rd. Go S approx 2 miles to project office. A short access trail is located behind the Corps of Engineers office.
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