Sheb Wooley Itinerary

Sheb Wooley Itinerary

From his birthplace in the rough and tumble area known as "the breaks" of western Oklahoma to a burger and juke joint where a young Sheb and his band would have entertained a Saturday night crowd, take a stroll in the bootprints left by Erick native Sheb Wooley ®. After savoring a big ole burger in a classic beer joint, take a cruise along Sheb Wooley Avenue then head to Tulsa to catch a show at the home of Sheb's boyhood hero, Bob Wills. While navigating this trip, if you squint just right, you might just see the dust blown Oklahoma that shaped and inspired the young cowboy who later penned, “Purple People Eater.”

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Shot from the Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area. Known as "the breaks" this area rough and tumble area of western Oklahoma was where Sheb Wooley was born and spent much of his childhood.

Erick , OK

Stop 1: Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area

Also known as "The Breaks," much of the modern Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area just south of Erick was part of the ranch where Sheb was born and spent most of his childhood.

Start from: , Erick , OK


Arrive at: Old Highway Route 66 , Texola , OK


Tumbleweed Grill and Water Hole #2. This self-professed oldest cafe on Rt. 66 is housed in a 1930s beer joint.
Old Highway Route 66
Texola , OK

Stop 2: Tumbleweed Grill & Country Store

This self-proclaimed oldest working cafe on Rt. 66 is housed in a former 1930s beer joint. In addition to being on the radio, Sheb and his first band would have no doubt played many a raucous Saturday night at watering holes just like this one. While here, be sure and order up one of the house made burgers. Food was scarce in the Wooley household and a young Sheb vividly recalled once ordering a big ole hamburger at a place like The Tumbleweed and telling his father, "Daddy, I look like a big old tumblebug eating this hamburger!"

Start from: Old Highway Route 66 , Texola , OK


Arrive at: Sheb Wooley Ave , Erick, OK


Street sign in the Roger Miller Museum honoring the town of Erick's favorite sons.
Sheb Wooley Ave
Erick, OK

Stop 3: Sheb Wooley Avenue

The town of Erick is proud of their cowboy crooner and star of the silver screen, honoring him with his very own street.

Start from: Sheb Wooley Ave , Erick, OK


Arrive at: 423 N Main , Tulsa , OK


Cain's Ballroom, home of Bob Wills.
423 N Main
Tulsa , OK

Stop 4: Cain's Ballroom

As a young boy, Sheb would listen to Bob Wills on the radio and dream about all the cattle he was going to buy once he made it big as a country singer. Round out your Sheb Wooley trip with a visit to the place where Bob & the Texas Playboys broadcasted a daily radio show.

Start from: 423 N Main , Tulsa , OK


Arrive at: , , OK

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