Whether you spell it BBQ or bar-b-que, there’s no denying that Oklahoma is home to world-class barbecued pork, beef, hot links, brisket and more. From smoky to sweet, visitors to Oklahoma can’t help but delight in sinking their teeth into tender smoked meats drenched in delicious barbecue sauces. Come to Oklahoma and explore hundreds of hometown barbeque joints, local BBQ havens and even upscale restaurants, all waiting to serve up delicious bar-b-que prepared with closely guarded recipes for rubs, sauces and smoking techniques – many of which have been handed down and perfected through generations of meat-loving Oklahomans.

Mouthwatering barbecue can be found in every corner of Oklahoma. Stop in at a popular barbecue restaurant and order up a heaping plate of falling-off-the-bone ribs, juicy barbecued chicken, tasty pulled pork, or barbecued bologna (an Oklahoma specialty). Round out your meal with servings of Oklahoma favorites such as baked beans, cole slaw, fried okra and potato salad and you’ll have an all-American meal that can’t be beat.

Want more? Visit a championship barbecue cook-off or festival dedicated to Oklahoma’s love of good ‘cue and purchase a tasting kit for samples from top BBQ teams. No matter where you choose to satisfy your barbecue cravings in Oklahoma, make sure to bring your appetite – we guarantee you won’t walk away hungry!


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