Savor the Flavor at Oklahoma's Farmers Markets

Farmers across Oklahoma are sharing their bountiful harvests of ripe berries, sweet peaches, fresh vegetables and more as local vendors. Head to a farmers market near you for flavorful fresh produce, baked goods, herbs and plants.

Farmers bring beautiful bounties of grapes and peppers to visitors who pay the Latimer County Farmers Market in Wilburton a visit.
Photo Credit: Wilburton Main Street

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There’s nothing quite like the rush of sweet juice that comes from the first bite of a freshly picked fruit or the heightened flavor of a vegetable straight from the farm. Oklahoma has plenty of farmers markets with a variety of vendors around the state. Take advantage of food at its ripest and stock up on your favorite mouthwatering berries and more at the top farmers markets we’ve outlined here.

OSU-OKC Farmers Market at Scissortail Park – Oklahoma City

Find a wide variety of treasures at the OSU-OKC Farmers Market at Scissortail Park right in the heart of Oklahoma City. If you’re on the hunt for fresh produce, then you’re in luck - over 30 vendors pack this farmers market each Saturday from April through October. Pick up everything from tomatoes to peaches as well as Oklahoma made cheeses, organic beef, home goods such as herbal soap and hand-crafted baskets, fresh-baked bread and certified organic eggs.

Tulsa Farmers' Market – Tulsa

Celebrate everything made and grown in Oklahoma at the Tulsa Farmers' Market, Tulsa’s prime market for fresh produce. With all the Tulsa Farmers' Market offers, you can make everything from a delicious spinach and pecan salad to bacon-wrapped lamb burgers with what you find. Don’t forget to pick up a jar of honey, a few nursery plants for your house and some artisan bakery products while you visit their festival-like atmosphere.

Edmond Farmers Market – Edmond

Downtown Edmond becomes the place to be during the Edmond Farmers Market, held twice a week from April to October. With rows upon rows of green beans, onions, potatoes, squash, corn, fresh cut flowers and much more, you won’t know where to begin. Chances are you’ll walk away with a few bags full of one-of-a-kind products you can’t pass up including wines, pastas, specialty teas, peaches and even some Oklahoma made treats for your canine friend.

Owasso Farmer and Artisan Market – Owasso

The Owasso Farmer and Artisan Market is all about healthy living, locally grown food and bringing the community together. Come be a part of the town’s farmers market and hear some great local musicians while picking up natural meats, herbs, cabbage, zucchini, seasonal berries and handcrafted jewelry. Look for certified organic growers selling the freshest products to have a taste of Oklahoma agriculture at its best.

Stillwater Farmers’ Market – Stillwater

You can be sure your loot from the Stillwater Farmers’ Market in Strickland Park is locally grown because the market requires that all vendors grow their products in neighboring counties. The market, which began in Stillwater in 1986, is now a year-round source for a wide variety of products. Snack on some glazed pecans while you browse through English peas, sunflower sprouts, radishes, roasted chiles and fresh eggs.

Latimer County Farmers Market – Wilburton

Health-minded eaters can descend upon the Latimer County Farmers Market in Wilburton twice a week to keep their cabinets stocked with good-for-you foods. Take a look at the long list of locally made cheeses before heading over to the produce section for ears of corn and jars of jellies made in Oklahoma. After filling up your car with greens and juicy fruits, treat yourself to a sweet fried pie made at a nearby community center.

Woodward Farmers Market – Woodward

Creative cooks are invited to take their pick of all the fresh produce available at the Woodward Farmers Market. Search through the bountiful harvest shared by local farmers to find the freshest ingredients for your next dish before moving on to less traditional farmers market vendors. From handmade wreaths and potted plants to gardening supplies and ranch items, visitors can find it all in Woodward.

Hugo Farmers Market – Hugo

Shoppers flock to the Hugo Farmers Market to visit the many vendors that offer their wares daily in Hugo. Join this group of passionate farmers, and leave with a proper supply of purple hull peas, okra and tomatoes. With low prices for locally grown goods, shoppers are sure to leave with juicy watermelons, plump peppers, crisp cucumbers and sweet blackberries delicious enough to keep them coming back for more.

Ardmore Market Place on Broadway – Ardmore

Ardmore Market Place on Broadway grants shoppers the chance to discover seasonal goods. With an indoor location, this Ardmore farmers market remains open throughout the year, offering an ever-changing lineup of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Come inside to escape the heat or cold while picking out locally harvested nuts, herbs and produce, as well as Made in Oklahoma baked goods, soaps and lotions.

Weatherford Farmers Market – Weatherford

Head west on Route 66 to search through baskets full of ripe fruits and vegetables at the Weatherford Farmers Market in Weatherford. This old-time market consists of vendors strewn across a nearby park, selling everything from bundles of lavender to freshly sprouted radishes and turnips. Discover scented goat milk soap and heads of green lettuce during your next trip to this Oklahoma farmers market.

Lawton Farmers Market – Lawton

Come prepared to stock up at the Lawton Farmers Market in Lawton. See the farm fresh foods grown and baked by locals, from canned tomatillo salsas to T-bone steaks. After sifting through the vast assortment of delicious, vine-ripe produce, be sure to treat the kids to flavored honey sticks and surprise the family dog with a peanut butter dog biscuits.

See our complete list of farmers markets across the state for more options.

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