Oklahoma Restaurants with Unforgettable Surroundings

Skip traditional restaurants and head to one of these quirky Oklahoma locations where the setting is the highlight and delicious food is just an added bonus.

Standing 726.2 feet above Oklahoma City, Vast offers diners a unique view of the Bricktown Entertainment District.

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Embark on a culinary adventure with this list of unconventional restaurants in Oklahoma. Whether you’re looking for unique decor, location or history, there’s bound to be a one-of-a-kind restaurant to appeal to your interests. Book a table for two at 726.2 feet above Oklahoma City, dine aboard a restored railcar or have sushi delivered right to your table on a miniature train at one of these uncommon eateries.

Ollie's Station Restaurant - Tulsa

Ollie’s Station Restaurant is located in a part of Tulsa known as Red Fork Corner, where the oil and railroad industries merged with Route 66. In fact, it’s located less than half a mile from where an oil derrick struck oil in 1901, making Tulsa the oil capital of the world. In keeping with area history, Ollie’s Station Restaurant is completely decorated in railroad memorabilia with 10 trains running the length of the dining area through a variety of model cities and towns. Visitors will find railroad crossing signs outside and in, as well as model trains and even conductor hats on display. In addition to the extensive train collection, the restaurant is also well known for its mom-and-pop atmosphere with home cooked classics like liver and onions and sirloin steak.

Vast - Oklahoma City

If you’re looking for a meal with a view, Vast can’t be beat. Located on the 49th floor of the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City, this one-of-a-kind restaurant serves up fresh fare for both lunch and dinner at a spine-tingling 726.2 feet above the city. A special elevator zips guests to the top of the building to enjoy rotating daily specials based on locally sourced and inspired ingredients. Order off the menu or try something new with the prix fixe tasting menu, which includes a first course, entree, dessert and optional wine pairing.

Southern Belle Restaurant - Heavener

Located inside a restored 1905 model railcar, the Southern Belle Restaurant in Heavener is famous for their fried chicken strips, homemade candy cheesecakes and unique atmosphere. The restaurant, which can seat about 50 people, was named after a passenger train service offered by the Kansas City Southern Railway from the 1940s and 1960s. Today, locals and out-of-towners alike climb aboard for the house specialty, a boneless chicken breast marinated in a secret house dressing, then dipped in batter and fried, and served with a special dipping sauce.

Rusty Barrel Supper Club - Ponca City

In order to dine at Rusty Barrel Supper Club in Ponca City, you first have to find the entrance. Unlike typical restaurants with a well-defined entryway, patrons at Rusty Barrel must enter through a nondescript alley, locate the secret orange door and ring a doorbell before gaining entry. Inside, you’ll find traditional speakeasy decor and the restaurant’s signature steaks, which are prepared right in the middle of the dining room. Another uncommon feature at the Rusty Barrel is the chilled pewter plates that keep salad bar offerings nice and fresh. This supper club has been in business well over 30 years and has served diners from every state as well as 65 foreign countries.

Sushi Train - Tulsa

Try sushi with a twist at Sushi Train in Tulsa. Here, ordering from the menu is optional; just grab a seat and pick plates right off a miniature train that circles the center of the restaurant. Each plate is labeled with the name of the roll and color coded so you can keep track of how much you’ve spent. The plates typically come with just three to four pieces of sushi, so you can mix and match to create your perfect individualized feast. Of course, ordering from the menu is also acceptable, and the train will beep its horn when an order from the kitchen is ready.

Castle Falls - Oklahoma City

Dine among Old World charm on five tree-lined acres in Oklahoma City. Designed after a European castle, Castle Falls was originally constructed in the late 1940s as a private home with three stories and 24” thick walls. It spent nearly 50 years as a residence before transitioning to a restaurant. Castle Falls has two distinct dining options, The Cellar and The Primrose. The Cellar, located on the first level, has an informal setting with optional outdoor seating in the garden area. The Primrose is on the second level and features five course meal options to guests 13 and older. If you’re looking for an even more secluded setting, request to sit in the library on the second floor.

Amish Restaurants - Chouteau

Chouteau, a small town located about 40 minutes east of Tulsa, is home to Oklahoma’s largest Amish community. As a result, a handful of Amish restaurants can be found in the town including the Dutch Pantry Restaurant & Bakery, Fannie’s Country Cookin’ and the Amish Cheese House, which also has a huge selection of baked goods and other Amish made products like fudge, cider and noodles. Just don't be surprised if you see a buggy parked next to you in the lot!

Runway Restaurant - Ponca City

Billed as the “hottest jalapeño on the runway,” Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant in Ponca City is located right next to the Ponca City Municipal Airport. This family-owned establishment is popular with locals and out-of-towners alike whether visiting via car or airplane. Head in on the first Saturday of each month when the airport hosts a monthly fly-in or drive-in breakfast and you’re almost guaranteed to see take-offs and landings.

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