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Ottawa County.

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Named after the Ottawa tribe, Ottawa County is located in northeastern Oklahoma. By the early 1800s, there were two large travel routes in the area: the Texas Road and the Shawnee Trail. The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad was the first railroad in the county, built in 1871. By the 1890s, zinc and lead mining had begun in Ottawa County. The mining industry was strong in the county for decades, but by the 1960s, most of the mines had closed.

In Miami, the Dobson Museum and Memorial Center features artifacts and displays that showcase Ottawa County history. Twin Bridges State Park offers fishing and campsites along the Neosho and Spring rivers.

In 2020, census records showed 30,285 people living in Ottawa County. Countless assets exist for tracing genealogy in Ottawa County including legal records, cemetery records and a local genealogy society. Valuable resources for researching genealogy in Ottawa County are provided below, including a list of existing towns, the county courthouse address, a detailed map of the county and a list of cemeteries located within the county.

Ottawa County Courthouse Information

Ottawa County Courthouse
102 E. Central, Suite 203
Miami, OK 74354
Telephone: (918) 542-3332

Directions: E. Central & US-69.

Records available: Court Clerk has marriage, divorce, probate and civil court records; County Clerk has land records from 1890.

Detailed Map of Ottawa County

Search for cemeteries, highways and scenic sites, or examine county and township lines with this detailed map of Ottawa County.

Existing Towns in Ottawa County

While researching your family history in Ottawa County, be sure to visit the following cities located in the area.



The following towns and cities are located in present day Ottawa County, Oklahoma.





North Miami




Ghost Towns in Ottawa County

The following towns and cities either no longer exist in Ottawa County or are still populated, but significantly less so than in years past. These towns and cities are commonly referred to as "ghost towns."










Cemeteries in Ottawa County

The following cemeteries are located in present day Ottawa County, Oklahoma.

All Saints' Garden of the
Good Shepherd

Beattie Family Cemetery

Beaver-Buergey Cemetery

Berry/Connor Cemetery

Bland Cemetery

Brown Cemetery

Calamus Pond Cemetery

Captain Family Cemetery

Council House Cemetery

Cousatte Indian

Dyson Cemetery

Elliott Family Cemetery

Fairland Cemetery

Flint Family Cemetery

Glen Abbey Memorial

Gokey Family Cemetery

Good Shepherd Memorial Garden

Grand Army of the
Republic Cemetery

Griffin Cemetery

Hawk Cemetery

Hoffman-Quapaw Family Cemetery

Howard Cemetery

Hudson Creek Cemetery

Johnson Family

Lock Family Cemetery

Lofland Family Cemetery

McLaughlin Cemetery

McWatters Family

Modoc Cemetery

Monkey Island Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery

Myaamia Heritage

Newman Cemetery

Nidiffer Cemetery

Ottawa Indian Cemetery

Peery Cemetery

Peoria Indian Cemetery

Quapaw Family Cemetery

Quapaw's Cemetery

Saint Marys Quapaw Cemetery

Saint Paul's Cemetery

Seneca Cemetery

Sixkiller Cemetery

Stafford-Shapp Memorial Cemetery

Sulphur Bend Cemetery

Walker Family Cemetery

Washington Family Cemetery

Watts Family Cemetery

Williams Coal Creek Cemetery

Wyandotte Indian Cemetery

Libraries in Ottawa County

Miami Public Library
200 N. Main
Miami, OK 74354
Telephone: (918) 541-2292

Historic Newspaper Archives of Ottawa County

The Afton American

Miami Record-Herald

Tribal Nations in Ottawa County

Eastern Shawnee Tribe
12755 S. 705 Rd.
Wyandotte, OK 74370
Telephone: (918) 666-2435

Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
202 S. Eight Tribes Trail
Miami, OK 74354
Telephone: (918) 542-1445

Modoc Tribe
418 "G" St. SE
Miami, OK 74354
Telephone: (918) 542-1190

Ottawa Tribe
13 S. Hwy 69A
Miami, OK 74354
Telephone: (918) 540-1536

Peoria Tribe of Oklahoma
118 S Eight Tribes Trail
Miami, OK 74355
Telephone: (918) 540-2535

Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma
5681 S. 630 Rd.
Quapaw, OK 74363
Telephone: (918) 542-1853

Shawnee Tribe
29 S. Hwy 69A
Miami, OK 74355
Telephone: (918) 542-2441

Wyandotte Nation
64700 E Hwy 60
Wyandotte, OK 74370
Telephone: (918) 678-2297

Additional Genealogy Resources for Ottawa County

Ottawa County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 1383
Miami, OK 74354

Places to Visit in Ottawa County

While researching your family history in Ottawa County, be sure to check out the following attractions located in the area.

Afton Station

Buffalo Run Casino

City of Miami Municipal Pool

Coleman Theatre

D-Day Adventure Park

Dobson Museum & Memorial Center

Downstream Casino Resort

Harbors View Marina

High Winds Casino

Miami Tribe Entertainment Casino

Peoria Gaming Center

Peoria Ridge Golf Course

Quapaw Casino

Sail Grand Waterfront

Stables Casino

Thunder Bay Marina

Twin Bridges State Park

Wyandotte Nation Casino

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