Roadside Oddities

Take a sightseeing tour down Oklahoma’s remote highways and you’ll run into all sorts of weird statues, quirky museums and interesting photo-ops that will heighten your fervor for offbeat destinations. Roadside oddities line the roads less traveled, and whether you’re seeking out the Grave of Mister Ed or a tribute to a Buddhist deity, there’s an oddball attraction waiting to be explored.

Route 66 is one of the most popular road trip destinations in Oklahoma with unique landmarks every few miles. Go on your next great adventure and get off the beaten path to find your way to obscure sightings and silly pit stops that are sure to pique your curiosity for what lies around the next bend in the pavement. Don’t forget your camera - the opportunities for great photography are endless.

Let yourself get sucked into the tourist traps and numerous historic sites across the Sooner State. There are kitschy things to see from the Blue Whale in northeastern Oklahoma to the World’s Largest Peanut in Durant. Oklahoma roadside oddities are a fun way to get out and about in Oklahoma – make them an exciting vacation destination or simply add a few stops to your travel itinerary throughout the state.


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