Fun Floral Photo-Ops in Oklahoma

Get your camera ready for prime floral photoshoots in Oklahoma’s blooming sunflower patches, luscious lavender fields and wonderful wildflower walks. Map out your upcoming photo ops with our guide to seasonal blossoms.

Book a wildflower photoshoot with photographers on location at J&B Flower Patch in Okmulgee.
Photo Credit: J&B Flower Patch

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Diverse ecoregions and roaming prairies give way to rich flora in Oklahoma. Towering sunflower patches catch travelers’ eyes from the road, and canna creates eye-catching backdrops. Lavender fields offer fragrant photo ops, and wildflower fields showcase Oklahoma’s native plants. Find out more about flower species found in Oklahoma and pencil a floral photoshoot into your spring and summer plans.


P Bar Farms

Sign up for the P Bar Farms sunflower newsletter to find out which spring weekend to head up to Hydro. Held in conjunction with fun farm activities, guests can pay one general admission fee to access hayrides, the petting zoo, the jump pad and more after staging a sunflower photoshoot. You can even befriend sociable farm animals during your springtime visit. P Bar Farms staggers sunflower seed plantings, so keep an eye out for multiple photoshoot opportunities throughout the season.

General admission: $8
Private photo session: $50/hour

J&B Flower Patch

J&B Flower Patch doubles as a pumpkin provider in the fall, but through summer’s prime growing season in July, visitors are invited to arrange their own floral arrangement. A variety of sunflowers remains the main attraction, but guests can also select from blooms like zinnias. After cutting beaming blossoms at this Okmulgee agritourism destination, simply select a provided vase or jar and arrange your colorful bouquet accordingly. Whether you’re coming by for an impromptu photoshoot or to design a floral arrangement for a friend, stay tuned to J&B Flower Patch’s social media channels for seasonal updates.

U-pick bouquet: $20/vase

Celtic Farms

While Celtic Farms focuses on pumpkins and Halloween fun in the fall, sunflowers take precedence in the summer. Call in advance to book a photo session at this Chelsea farm, and prepare to immerse yourself in six rows of stunning sunflowers. Pick out the perfect outfit before selecting your summer sunflower session date. Make an appointment during the recommended peak of season in August or try your luck in the small viewing window in September. Stock up on handmade goat’s milk soap, farm-fresh produce, canned goods, fudge and farm-raised meats after posing in the sunflower patch.

Private photo session: $40+


Lakeview Lavender Farm

Fragrant lavender fills the air with calming scents during bloom season in May and June. Small groups are encouraged to visit Lakeview Lavender Farm for photoshoots before exploring the onsite gift shop. At this Pauls Valley agritourism destination, you can explore lavender products ranging from soothing body lotion and foaming milk liquid soap to essential oils and lip balms. Come by for the Lavender Festival to stock up on sachets, room spray, bouquets and culinary lavender buds offered during this special seasonal event.

Individual and small group tours: free with appointment
Private photo session + group rates: call for fees


Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area

Devote an afternoon to trekking through the Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area in Erick for wildflowers worth photographing. From April through August, stop by to marvel at native cover plants and stunning sources of food for wildlife, including ragweed and sunflower. While wandering, be sure to look out for many species of birds, as well as white-tailed deer, coyotes, and Prairie boomer lizards. Along a nature walk, break out the camera to commemorate the wildlife management area’s canopy of blossoming prairie vegetation like bluestem, yucca and juniper.

Admission granted with an Oklahoma hunting or fishing license or Conservation Passport License.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Join in on a Wildflower Walk hosted by the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in May. Register for a guided three-hour stroll through the Lawton refuge, and prepare to see a variety of wildflowers in the open mixed-grass prairie. Along the way, pause to photograph colorful Indian Blankets, daisies, barrel cacti and more. Learn how to locate and identify several flower species with the help of an interpretive guide, and look out for wildlife like prairie dogs, bison and longhorn cattle along the way.

Free with reservation.

Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge

Prepare for a full day of exploration at any time of year at the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge. Pack a picnic lunch and hike through scenic nature trails at this Tishomingo outdoor wonder. Head to the refuge for guided wildflower walks or trek along the three nature trails at your own pace. Photography is encouraged, so get ready to capture the beauty of the Oklahoma Legacy Arboretum hummingbird and butterfly gardens, as well as sunflowers planted for waterfowl and migratory species to enjoy.

Free admission.

Color Oklahoma 10 State Park Partnerships

Plan to check out all ten Oklahoma state park demonstration gardens found near lodges, trailheads and nature centers. Ask park naturalists for help finding their strategically planted demonstration garden to see stunning floral landscapes. Guests can view pollinator plants and look out for Monarch butterflies stopping by on their annual flights. Be sure to bring a camera along to snap pictures of wildflowers like Indian paintbrush, Indian blanket and plains coreopsis flowers blossoming in the spring.

Free with park admission at these ten parks:

Petal Pusher Farms

Build your own bouquet of u-pick flowers found within the half-acre of seasonal blooms grown at Petal Pusher Farms in Purcell. During the summer growing season, borrow a bucket and garden shears, and select from a wide variety of petal sizes, colors and textures. In the spring, stop by to smell the tulips, daffodils, ranunculus and anemones. Come summertime, snap stunning photos of sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias and more. Guests can then design their own hand-tied bouquet with the help of farm staff. Besides selecting the perfect set of flowers to take home, Petal Pusher Farms visitors can also book private photo sessions on site for rustic backdrops, historical barns and sprightly blossoms.

U-pick bouquet: $20/bucket
Two-hour private photo session: $50

Canna & Sunflowers

Horn Canna Farm

See more than thirty varieties of canna grown on a fourth-generation, 60-acre farm in Carnegie. While September remains the peak month to view red, orange and yellow canna grown at Horn Canna Farm, guests are invited to visit year-round. Try to catch cannas beginning the blooming process in July, or stop by before the annual harvest starts in October. Their impressive sunflower field is in full bloom in September. During your stay, be sure to park along the perimeter before wandering into the beautiful fields. For optimum photo ops, break out cameras in the morning, or swing by on a weekday during peak season for a guided farm tour.

Free admission.

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